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Lesser Services to Create Additional Income

Lesser Services to Create Additional Income for your Dog Daycare.


The following services offer the opportunity to bring in additional revenue for little or no real effort on your part. I consider these to be lesser services as each service by itself does not generate substantial revenue, but offering a variety of them could generate a decent income stream for your business.


Pet Photographers.


 The great thing about owning a dog daycare facility is that other smaller pet related business and individuals in your area will actively seek you out in the hopes of creating small mutually financially beneficial partnerships. Once you open your doors, you will more than likely receive calls from local pet photographers asking if they can do portraits at your facility or set up a display in your facility. You should inquire about experience and ask for some samples of their previous work and determine what financial arrangement they are hoping for.


 Generally the Dog Daycare business will take 10% of the Gross or $20.00 per setting, for any photo sessions shot at the facility and $10.00 per photo or setting not shot at the facility.  Insure that if the you choose to let a pet photographer set up a display in your lobby any information that offers direct contact to the photographer is placed behind the counter.  Put up a sign up next to the display that instructs customers to ask at the counter for more details. The last thing you want is for your clients to be taking the photographers information and calling to set up appointments and cutting you out. By failing to do this it sets the stage for unneeded business conflicts between you and the pet photographer because the photographer will not make an effort to cut you in if they don’t have to.  Since by it's very nature owning a Dog Daycare business  creates very close client relationships you will more than likely hear about the photo session from your customers after it is done. This of course will upset you and create  a possible confrontation between you and the photographer complete with headaches and drama that you just don’t need while trying to effectively manage a business. Generally speaking a busy facility can generate an additional $800-$1500 per year if you keep a photographer busy.


Specialty Services.


 I believe that I have had them all visit my facility at one time or another seeking various financial partnerships. These include artists that specialize in beautiful oil paintings of pets from photographs, individuals that burn pet images into wood, those that wish to sell pet I.D. tags (1-800-Lost-Dog begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-800-Lost-Dog      end_of_the_skype_highlighting), people offering to stock my lobby with home baked pet treats etc. You will find a lot of pet related business that you didn’t even know existed showing up at your doors in the hopes of making money from your clients. Weigh each one and decide if it is something that would actually compliment your business. If you feel that it is then come to a financial arrangement that makes sense for both of you. Always keep in mind that this is a business and every sale generated at your facility regardless of who provides the service needs to generate a profit for your business.

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