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Additional Income For a Dog Daycare Through Training




How to Create Additional Income for your Dog Daycare With Training.


This service can either be an additional source of major income or a minor source of income depending upon your personal knowledge and experience working with the training of Dogs and the layout and design of your facility. In order to offer Dog Training at a Doggie Daycare and make an acceptable profit you need three things: Volume, Space, and Knowledge (which is a plus, but not a requirement) I will elaborate further down.


Dog Training Requires Volume to be Profitable at a Dog Day Care.


By volume I am referring to the fact that you need a certain number of people per class to make Dog Training cost effective and profitable to teach. Dog Training is a labor intensive and and generally very time consuming process as well. The average cost for a 5 day training class is between $150 and $200 and lasts from 1 to 2 hours. Now keep in mind that this is actual time spent teaching. This does not include setting up the training areas, breaking down the training areas, conversing with clients, answering last minute questions and making sure the facility is ready to operate as a Dog Daycare again in the morning. And don’t forget if you are boarding you still need to take the dogs boarding with you out to relieve themselves before you leave. So in actuality for every hour you teach you spend an hour and a half in labor. So realistically  a 2 hour class costs you 3 hours in time. At $150, for a 5 day class you will have 15 hours in labor making your time worth $10 an hour, actually less if you consider utilities and materials used during this time to keep. So in essence you need a volume of at least 5 people per class, preferably ten, to make Dog Training a cost effective addition to your Dog Daycare facility.


Dog Training Requires Space to Conduct at a Dog Day Care.


The second requirement is space. You can place 20 dogs in an area for daycare that would be too small to train 5 of them in with their owners. This is important as it takes 4 to 5 times the amount of space offer Dog Trainings than provide Dog  Daycare. It is important to understand the student will be walking the dogs around with leashes and are in need of adequate space so as not initiate Dog fights or to become one tangled mess, of people, leashes and Dogs. That's right customers for Dog Training will not always be the same individuals that bring their dogs to you for Doggy Daycare. These dogs are here for training, and may be rambunctious, shy, fearful, people or dog aggressive etc.. so you need adequate space for separation.


A single dog occupies on average 4 square feet in the daycare area at any one time, a single dog with an owner and a 6 foot lead needs at a minimum 25 square feet. This may sound like a lot but it’s actually very little.  If you stretch your arms all the way out from your sides you probably have between 5 and 6 feet from fingertip to fingertip. Using simple math and assuming that you want your Dog training clients to have at a minimum one arms length distance between each other while in training class, that’s 25 sq/ft. at only one arms length of distance all the way around.  Ideally and practically you would like 36 sq/ft. or one and a quarter arms length in any one direction.  If your Dog Daycare facility is lacking in wide open indoor space or a large fenced parking area then you will probably not have the space available to meet the volume requirement that makes training profitable.



Knowledge Not Necessarily a Requirement.

Knowledge as it concerns Dog Training is very similar what basic Knowledge you must have to offer Dog grooming in that it is not something that you need to know a lot about to offer as a service. Since you are the proprietor of a wonderful dog daycare and all of your customers are dog owners, then you will find that trainers will actually come to you in the hopes of coming to a mutually financially beneficial relationship. Again you provide the space, location and clients and they provide the service. You of course need to insure that you ask for references and qualifications and sit down and discuss what training methods they use. If you are not happy with what you hear then your clients won’t be either, remember anything that they do at your facility reflects upon you and your facility.  If they use harsh domination methods, pinch collars and negative reinforcement they can single handedly send your business to the bottom of the ocean once word spreads, so be wary of those that you let offer services at your facility.


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