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Welcome to the PAWS Pet Grooming Advice Area, here you will find expert information and tips on the proper methods and techniques to use when grooming your pet. We have also provided numerous grooming related links to help you find the right Grooming tools and other Grooming related Products to get the job done right.

Please insure that you Bookmark this site so you don't lose it.. At PAWS Dog Daycare we are committed to not only providing you with the best Dog Grooming Service available but also providing you with the information that you need to properly Groom your own pet.

The History of Pet Grooming

Pet grooming dates back well into the Elizabethan era where there are numerous paintings that show well groomed dogs sitting by their masters sides. While in 17th century France, the official dog at court was the poodle and during the era of King Louis XV of France the first real record of the existence of dog grooming parlors was discovered. Although at the time grooming was primarily reserved for the wealthy and the elite, as it was performed by specialized individuals using sharpened straight blades and crude scissors it was pet grooming none the less.

Then in 1879 Vero Shaw, published "The Book of the Dog" in it he makes reference to the things that can be done to keep a dog clean and healthy, this book was followed in 1893 by Ashmont's Kennel Secrets where he gives specific recommendations to properly wash, groom and use coat conditioners. From the early 1900's through the 1940's Dog Groomers as we know them today simply did not exist. The closest profession of the time in America was the "Dog Barbershop", these generally operated out of a very small area and consisted of a wooden table, some cages, and various scissors and other cutting instruments to shave or cut hair from the dog. This was a labor intensive and arduous process in a profession that was neither glamorous nor desirable.

In the mid 1940's another invention changed the face of grooming as we know it today and that was the introduction of the "Pedestal Stand Dryer" which began the process of automating the drying process. This invention made the profession of Dog Grooming a more lucrative and attractive career. Groomers of the era were now able to groom more dogs per day and earn more money due to the fact that they did not have to spend hours drying each dog by hand.

The next major advance in Pet Grooming came at the end of WWII as soldiers returned home to start families (complete with the family pet), as the number of pets in America grew so did the need for Professional Grooming.

The modern Dog or Pet Grooming Salon comes complete with stainless steel tubs, automatic washers that mix the shampoo and water to a specified ratio then atomize and spray the mix directly into the pets coat, high power cage or force dryers and specialized hydraulic grooming tables.

As Dogs continue to move from just a pet to valued member of the family, the grooming industry continues to grow by offering services such as dog massages, and acupuncture all the way to aromatherapy and mud baths. There are also a number of Professional Grooming Schools in America that teach accredited classes on how to become a professional groomer.

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