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Dedication to: NIKO

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A Very Special Dedication to: NIKO aka. "The Rocket"

We Miss You


A Very Special Dedication to: NIKO aka. "The Rocket"


I sit and write this dedication for a lost companion, a friend so

true that his love was without measure. A love without judgment

or opinion, a love so true and pure that it touched our very soul.

Niko you touched our hearts and we thank you for the time that

we had on this earth with you. We thank you for all of the

memories, and all of the love that you gave us. We will never

forget the way that you brought energy and life into our home,

or the way you carried sunshine with you wherever you went.

From your insatiable fascination with a tennis ball to the way

you would sit in the window and wait for us to come home. We

carry your memories with us, and we will always carry a special

place in our hearts for you and all that we shared. We know that

dogs have a soul and that your there in heaven looking through

the window waiting for us to come home. We make you the promise

that we will and when we do I'll bring the ball.

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