Dog Grooming Packages

At PAWS we have divided our Grooming into the following packages that are sure to suit any situation and fit any budget.

Basic Bath- Prima System Massaging Bath, and Speed with High Powered Blower.. Only $9.99
(Dog Leaves Slightly Damp, Better than Towel Dry)

*Full Bath- Prima System Massaging Bath, Conditioner, Drying, Light Brushing.

*Tidy Up- Prima System Massaging Bath, Conditioner, Clipping of Toenails, Cleaning of Ears, Gland Expression, Brush out, Sanitary Shave, Trim the Hair on the Paws, and touch up the Face.
$Priced by Breed

*Shave- Prima System Massaging Bath, Conditioner, Clipping of Toenails, Cleaning of Ears, Gland Expression and a Shave Down.
$Priced by Breed

*Full Groom- Prima System Massaging Bath, Conditioner, Clipping of Toenails, Cleaning of Ears, Tooth Brushing, Gland Expression, and Breed Standard Complete Cut, including Scissor Work.
$Priced by Breed

Frequent Client Discounts

Pre-book your next grooming at 6 weeks and under and receive a 10% discount on your next groom.

Home of the $9.99 Dog Bath

We Wash Your Dog for
Just $9.99
Any Breed, Any Size,
No Appointment Necessary.

Want to Add Some Additional Services..

How about Toe-Nail Trimming for just $10.00 (any breed, any size)

Trimming, and Dremmeling/Filing Smooth $15.00

Ear Cleaning for $5.00

Add a Gland Expression to the Bath for just $5.00

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?
Add Flea Shampoo and Dip for just $5.00

Mix and Match Any of the Above to fit your needs.. without a reservation.

Need a Completely Dry Dog?
Add a Brush and Blow Dry for just *$15.00

*(appointment required)


"Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear."
-- Dave Barry

Dog Grooming Pricing


At PAWS Dog Daycare, we offer a variety of services to keep you pet looking their best.

We are proud to offer "GROOMING WITH A DIFFERENCE". Don't like the idea of your precious baby sitting in a cage for hours on end waiting their turn to be groomed? Neither do we.. We are proud to be the only ones in our area able to offer a truly cage free environment with our "GROOMING WITH A DIFFERENCE" package.

At PAWS we believe that the happiness of your pet comes first in all of our services, and to illustrate that, we would like you to envision the kind of service your receive when you choose PAWS Dog Grooming to keep your pet looking their best.

Grooming with a Difference

Your pup has completed the temperament evaluation and we have current vaccination records on file, and you wish to have your pet groomed. You call us to make your grooming reservation and we promptly enter it into our fully automated computer system, which alerts us one day prior to your appointment. We even provide a reminder call 24 hours in advance, because we know life is busy. You bring your pet to our facility and one of our loving staff takes your baby directly into one of our play areas where they spend their free time, playing ball, tug of rope, and hanging out with their four legged friends. An area where every dog they come into contact with has been rigorously screened to insure that they are friendly, safe and up to date on all their vaccinations.

PAWS Makes Grooming a Positive Experience

When it's their turn to be groomed, they are taken not into a situation of chaos but into a grooming area that is clean, organized and ready to provide your dog with quality service. We give them a massaging Prima System Bath, apply a beautifying conditioner to their coat, brush them out from nose to tail, trim each little nail with care, clean their cute little ears, brush their pearly whites, and give them a beauty salon quality haircut. When they are all done you receive a courtesy call while your furry child is returned to the play area where they can spend the day playing and having fun. Not only is this better but it also creates a positive association for your pet between grooming and playtime.

Now let's imagine that, your running errands, or at work and can't just rush off to pick up your furry child. There's no need to worry while their at PAWS, because your baby is playing, having fun and socializing while awaiting your return... not staring blankly at a wire cage. When you do arrive you pick-up a happy, relaxed, calm, and beautiful pet.

It's really the best of two worlds, your pet receives quality Grooming plus all the benefits of dog daycare, to include mental stimulation, gaining valuable socialization skills, and getting to use that excess energy playing, not pawing at a wire cage.. This is Grooming with a Difference, and at PAWS we believe this should be the only standard in the pet care and service industry.

At PAWS we strive to offer a difference, a choice, a better alternative, for your peace of mind and for the happiness of your pet.

The best part of all is there is No additional cost for this service!!

Anytime your Pet receives a full Grooming with us, Daycare is FREE!.

We believe this quality of pet care is what you should expect and that the one animal on the planet that can love you more than they love themselves should be entitled too.

Dog needs to have completed a temperament test and provided up to date vaccination records

What if my Dog does not like other dogs?

Not a problem, we also offer the traditional option of scheduling a reservation and our system of grooming ensures that from the moment your pup enters our facility they are constantly being worked on, not waiting their turn in a cage. We also ensure that we provide a phone call 15 minutes before your pet is due to be complete, to give you ample time to arrive and minimize the chance of your pet having to wait for you.

At PAWS we strive to offer a difference, a choice, a better alternative, for your peace of mind and for the happiness of your pet.

Who Said Grooming Can't Be Fun!!!!

Grooming fun Grooming fun

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