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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Daycare, Dog Boarding, and Dog Grooming - PAWS

Dog Daycare is a chance for your dog to socialize and play with other dogs in a structured and safe environment. Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to do dog stuff all day while your off doing human stuff. It is the perfect chance for them to learn much needed socialization and pack skills by giving them to chance to interact with multiple people and dogs on a daily basis.

We would love for you to take a tour of our facility and see what we have to offer your pet

This depends on the dog, each dog is different. If your dog is the older mellower type then he/she will be grouped with dogs of a similar temperament, some older dogs enjoy romping around with the young kids, while some prefer to nap on the couches, We let your dog make this decision. There is no forced interaction and each dog is allowed to participate as much or as little as they please in the activities we provide.

Your dog has spent the day exercising and having fun. They have had the opportunity to use their energy in a happy, safe and fun way.

It has been our experience that intact dogs will be singled out and picked on by dominant male and female members of the pack. As well an intact female may release pheromones when coming into heat that would cause conflict, and instability within the pack. To keep our play regulated and fun and provide a happy, healthy non competitive environment for our our guests we cannot accept intact animals into our facility. 

We can not accept Epileptic dogs -- if they have a seizure, other dogs will attack them. We also cannot accept dogs with communicable diseases or parasites. There issues such as ear infections, arthritis, glaucoma, and cancer, which we are usually able to accept.

At Paws Dog Daycare we love all breeds, However due to indiscriminant and irresponsible breeding and training practices exercised by some individuals in our society. There has been a negative stigma attached to the breed as such many of our clients would be upset if they were allowed to participate in Dog Daycare. We understand the it is not the fault of the breed but the fault of those that  have let the breed name be tarnished by irresponsible practices. As a business decision to keep the majority of our clients happy we cannot except Pit Bulls, or any mix or combination there of.

If your dog is not dog friendly, then no, they may not enjoy the daycare environment. Our screening process works to key in on indicators that you dog may not be compatible with the environment of doggy daycare. Some dogs are intimidated by the pack at first but then learn to utilize their instinctive canine socialization skills and fit right in. We provide you feedback on issues that we notice and provide insight into areas you may need to work on before they are allowed to participate. Ultimately we want you dog to have fun at our facilities and we do our best to insure that every one participating wants to be here.

In the event that a serious injury is to occur we will always act in the best interest of the dog. We take them to the closest available veterinary facility to have them treated. In the event that it is a non serious injury will do our best to make arrangements to take them to their own vet. A call is always made to the owner to alert them of any such situation that may arise.

We do our absolute best to insure the safety and well being of your pet. During rough play it is possible for dogs to get minor scratches and scrapes. Just like kids on a playground sometimes they get a boo boo. Although it has never happened in one of our facilities due to the rigorous screening process and highly skilled staff it is possible for serious injuries to occur, in the event that were to happen we have made arrangements with the closest veterinary hospital to always have an open bed for us.

The interview process will generally last between 2-4 hours, the first stage of the interview consists of us reviewing the submitted application and getting to know your dog. The second part of the interview is leading your dog the a separate area and slowly introducing them to select members of the pack observe their socialization abilities and check for aggressive tendencies. We handle your dog extensively to insure that they are not touch sensitive as well as introduce toys to them in the presence of other dogs to determine if they have aggressive possessive tendencies. If all goes well they are slowly introduced to various members of the pack ranging in personality from passive to playful then observed for their ability to interact safely and socially. After successful completion of the interview you dog is a welcome member of the Paws Dog Daycare.

The interview is conducted to insure that your dog is compatible with the Dog Daycare environment. For the safety and well being of all our guests it is required that all dogs go through a screening process. This gives our staff an assessment as to whether or not your dog will enjoy participating in the daycare process as well at that time we test for aggressive or antisocial behaviors. We insure that all dogs in our facility our safe to interact with other dogs in a pack environment. Our customers want to know that their dog is safe, and having fun with other non aggressive dogs.

Rabies, DHLPP, Parvo and BORDATELLA

There is no need, they spend the whole day running and playing and socializing. We provide many times more the amount of exercise that could be achieved with a walk. Also for the safety of your pet we do not allow them to leave the premises.

Dogs must be a minimum of 4 months of age. The first rabies vaccination is not given until at least for months of age.  Dog Daycare is a lot of exercise and we want to make sure that all of our guests are physically mature enough to participate in a safe way.

We do provide an outside area for the dogs to enjoy the sunlight and relax for a bit during the day.

No. We require that your dog be spayed or neutered and that he or she be current on their vaccinations to include Rabies, DHLPP, PARVO and BORDATELLA. We also require that all dogs  complete an initial screening and temperament test to insure that they are compatible with the environment that we provide.

There is no charge for providing your pet his or her medication.

Yes we offer a discount in both our Dog Daycare and our Pet Suites for multiple pets from the same family

We cater to pet comfort, offering modern facilities, individual suites, and letting your pet socialize with other dogs during the day. We also maintain a human to dog ratio of 1 human per 10 dogs where as at a traditional kennel the ratio may be 1 human per 50 dogs. We do not charge extra for providing your food, or pet medications, and we offer a much happier and pet friendly facility.

What separates us from a kennel is that our primary focus is on pet comfort not filling runs. A kennel may have lower rates where your dog will be left in a run with drab brick walls, and a chain link run to the outside. We provide spacious pet suites, with full glass doors so you dog will always have a view, each of our suites is air-conditioned, complete with a private framed dog bed, and during the day they spend there time socializing and having fun. So that by the end of the day when its bed time they are ready to sleep.

Absolutely, our indoor play area is complete with everything your pet needs to include a loving staff that will keep your pet occupied and provide all the exercise and attention that they could ever want.

You dog will spend the day playing and socializing with other dogs in a structured environment. We have a daily schedule that includes playtime, games, socialization and naps. Your dog is separated into a group that is consistent with both its size and activity level.


Richard Witherill

Richard Witherill is a recognized industry expert and published author and reviewer of numerous publications related to the pet care industry. His work can be found across the web on various sites related to Pet Boarding and Daycare as well as through his partnerships with publications like Boarding and Daycare Magazine. Additionally over the course of the last 20 years he has owned and operated a variety of pet related enterprises from 15000+ sq/ft full line pet stores, to smaller and much more personal pet boarding facilities and resorts. As of late he has diversified his interests and has taken various positions in the sustainable food industry. This has led to engagement in the production of both small and large scale systems related to aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics.

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